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SWIFT & EFFICIENT SERVICE: Reduced wait times

Vitalis Lanshima will cut back on wait times and increase convenience

In today’s fast-paced environment, time is treasured commodity. Our residents cannot continue to spend countless hours at the county clerk’s office. Vitalis will unleash the power of innovation to cut down on wait times during your visits to the office. Vitalis will also work with legislature and state agencies to unlock the power of technology to meet the needs of all residents.

INNOVATION: Empower businesses with technology

Vitalis will work tirelessly to utilize research to streamline the service delivery process with 21st Century Technologies

The potential of technology to change the way businesses and citizens interact with the County Clerk’s office is enormous.  Vitalis will work to provide efficient services by deploying the potential of technology to streamline services and save costs.

EMPOWER CITIZENS: Give Citizens a voice

Vitalis Lanshima will create a culture of empowerment

Vitalis will work to promote disability access rules for all polling places in Jefferson County and encourage high school students to sign up to work as poll workers across the county. He will work to create a high school and college County Clerk internship and fellowship program for Jefferson County. Vitalis will design civic education programs to steer civic engagement to the forefront of our education priorities.

RESTORING VOTING RIGHTS: Restore citizens’ rights to vote

Kentucky is the only state in the United States that vehemently restricts its citizen’s right to vote

Vitalis will vigorously fight against permanently disenfranchising citizens who commit non-violent felony convictions. About 181,000 Kentucky citizens who have paid their dues to society after fully serving their sentences are currently barred from voting. Among African Americans, the rate of disenfranchisement is the second highest in the nation, stripping twenty-five percent of African Americans eligible to vote. This denies many communities including many citizens of Jefferson County a voice in the political process.

Vitalis believes that Kentucky Constitution Section 145 is not progressive and contrary to the principles of participatory democracy. As Jefferson County Clerk and chief advocate for civic engagement, Vitalis will fight for every eligible citizen’s right to vote by actively working with the Governor to automatically restore the rights of citizens. Vitalis will advocate for creating a streamlined transition process from the current application system to an automatic system.


Vitalis believes that Kentucky must join the states that have instituted early voting and absentee voting

Vitalis will take the charge and lead on early and absentee voting. He will work with Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes and the legislature to implement this best practice. Early voting and absentee voting will positively impact citizens of Louisville. Early voting will allow Louisville citizens, many of whom commute long distances for work and are sometimes out of state or county on Election Day.